Lift ladies gathering at the Ortizs' home....        

If you have not sign up for a group, please so so today, it will be a blessing to you. At Shiloh Delta ValleyChurch, we believe that life is all about relationship and the Life Connect Groups provide some of the best opportunities for people to get to know each other on a deeper level and do life together. Authentic, healthy relationships not only provide connection into church life, but they are also a source of strength, encouragement and joy throughout life’s seasons. There are several options to choose from, whatever your personal interest or stage of life, there’s a Connect Group just for you!

Our Summer session of Connect Groups has started, so it’s a great time to join in. Search for a group that’s a perfect fit for you and your schedule below.


The Man Cave became the Woman Cave on Friday night for the LIFT get together. We watched a great movie complete with nacho bar, popcorn, bananna splits woo hoo!!!!! We had a great time of prayer together afterwards. I am so happy that all the women graced our Homeand I am very grateful to my husband who lent the Caveto us for the night. Thank you Pastor Rena, Deborah, Kalei, Zena, Bertie, Brenda, Marguerite, and Tannesha, You guys made my night! I love you!!!

Pastor Deborra



Prayers for Kenya      
Over 60 people were killed in two days near the town of Mpeketoni      
Dear Brethren,

Many of you have possibly heard about the "terror" attack on Sunday night June 15 and two days later in Mpeketoni, Kenya which killed over 60 people and destroyed many property. Al-shabaab, an operative arm of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda, claimed responsibility. The President of the Country blamed the politicians who have been making inflammatory statements. The attackers were targeting non-Muslims and also a particular community. All the dead were male, the attackers picked up male victims only and shot them before their family members. The most deadliest attack was in one of the buildings in Mpeketoni town where fans were watching a world cup soccer match.

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